No to the closure of RTTV

Crowds gathered in Valencia after the Government of the Comunidad Valenciana ordered the closure of RTVV, the city’s public television channel. After the ‘Tribunal Superior de Justicia’ declared illegal the ERE (the expedient of employment regulation), and 25 years of emission, the Consell (Government in Comunidad Valenciana) leave in the street more than a thousand workers and left without the right to information and millions of citizens.
For its part, the government blames the debt and unions by closing the chain, but the reality is different. The public television channel was used for PP’s politics propaganda and destiny for people affine to the Government, oversaturating the administration of the channel.
In the pictures, workers of RTVV gathered and watching the communicate of the closure of the channel.
#RTVVnoestanca, força!
Pablo Ortega / Krasnyi

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