Newroz Piroz be!  Happy New Year!

Liège / 19-03-2016 /

On Saturday, March 19 about thousand Belgian Kurds gathered in Liege to celebrate Newroz. Nesrin Abdullah, commander of the Women’s Defence Units (YPJ) from Rojava also attended the celebrations in Liege. 

Newroz symbolizes spring, the start of ‘a new day’ and the new year. It is celebrated by people from diverse ethno-linguistic communities like Kurds, Persians and other peoples since thousands of years. In Turkey Newroz was banned for a long time. Main reason was the denial of the Kurdish identity by the regime. 

This year the celebrations were also banned. Despite the ban Kurds in Turkey and North Kurdistan have flock to the streets to celebrate Kurdish New Year.

Ali Selvi/ Krasnyi Collective

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